Where we build GREAT BARNS, it’s that Simple!

THIS IS GREAT BARNS…              

The GREAT BARNS Co. builds upon a 30 year reputation of constructing some of Cape Cod’s most distinctive TIMBER-FRAME barns, garages and outbuildings and continues a tradition of excellence throughout Cape Cod & surrounding areas.

                                                                  COMPLETED PROJECTS 

…and this is who we are                                             

 Second generation Timber Framed builders, our roots are strong in New England from early childhood in the country-setting of the Berkshires to coastal Cape Cod, where our family established a precedent for these uniquely constructed buildings. Following in the footsteps of the late James (Dennis) McGrath, Great Barns proudly continues his legacy and is committed to the kind of quality craftsmanship he represented. As our designs expand and become generationally different, they stay true to the strong New England roots and maintain their functionality.

                                       TIMBER-FRAME INTERIORS

…and this is what we do…

The Great Barns Company specializes in the construction of , freestanding or attached structures. Garages, Barns, Cabins​, ​Tiny homes, ​Workshops​, and Great room​s ​are often the intended use of such buildings. We have conceptual designs to start your imagination moving, but also, have worked with many architects, builders, and dreamers to create a building to works for you. What sets us apart from other capable contractor / builders, is that, this is all we do. We work from a wood-crafting shop ​where the designs start to take shape. Using fixed, state of the art equipment, in a controlled environment, means our craftsmen and your ​building materials are not left to weather, and twist in the wind. It is here, where, we cut​, drill, rout, and shape, all of the materials needed to craft your ” Great Building“. Saving time and being more efficient leads to a better result, and most of all, saves you MONEY ! Once all of the materials have been prepared, our craftsmen, prefabricate these components into the floors, walls, roofs and other decorative elements, that make your building come to life. Keep in mind, as all this hard work has been going on , your building site has remained clean, noise free and without ​the ​commotion of vehicles, deliveries and distractions. As your “set day” nears, we are ​busy, loading our truck and support crew, with usually, everything needed for your project. The material is then delivered to the site, where our set crew, your builder, or a band of backyard warriors, install the components into its final state.

                                                             SITE WORK~ THE BEGINNING

 …and this is what we believe

Great Barns believes in a personal approach and is the main reason that Chris (owner) is in the field every day. We are hands-on, in contact with our customers at all phases of their project.  When he is sitting, he is usually drawing and/or designing buildings for his customers. The Great Barns Co. offers a very unique service that ranges from designing the building/project to the final walk through and inspection and everything in between. Our customers deal directly with Great Barns owners and get the personal service that they deserve.

…and this is what we offer

Plans~Permitting~Administrative~Site-work~Excavation~Foundation~Hybrid Timber-Framing~ or Tradition Stick Fram~ Prefabrication~SIP Panels~Trim~Siding~Doors~Windows~Custom Doors~Custom Roofing~Pergolas~Decks~Outdoor Showers~Extra enhancements~ and more…CALL US FOR A SITE VISIT AND QUOTE

We can Custom Design your building to match your existing home and offer the complete building package or you decide how much or how  little you want Great Barns to do. 

…and this is what sets us apart

  • Offer quality, strong built Timber-Framed construction using D-Fir Beams
  • Offer standard (stick) framing construction if customer desires
  • Offer the complete package from site work to sign-offs or can work with customer to suit any needs
  • Offer custom doors, other outbuildings, outdoor showers, decks, cupolas and pergolas
  • Create an aesthetically pleasing interior for other domestic uses such as bunk house, office, studio, shop
  • We offer Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) which are insulated panels consisting of a foam core and offer insulation to your barn/garage. 


…and this is PREFABRICATION…








Walls for this 7000 sq. ft commercial building were built in shop. The Great Barns Company’s ability to pre-fabricate the walls to their building projects is a huge advantage over your traditional build. Wind,Rain, Sleet, Snow? No problem! Building the walls through panelization eliminates scheduling problems due to weather! With our Shop truck to deliver these wall components to any building project, traditional construction problems for your ordinary builder do not exist!

…and this is SIP PANELS

Want an insulated building? Need space in one of your “GREAT BARNS” for an office, studio, gym, billiards room, or “hang out” room”? Using SIP Panels on your beautiful timber-framed barn creates insulation and warmth to this space. SIPS are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. These panels are placed over the outside sheathing and do not interfere with the aesthetics of interior framing. The result is your timber framed barn with insulation!