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Our facility is located in South Yarmouth, MA which is in the mid-Cape area. Although we are located on Cape Cod we do build in and around the surroundings areas.

Time management and convenience has lead us to build many sections of a building in our shop and transport to the job site with our state-of-the art crane truck which can easily hoist up rafter beams and timber and a fast and effective way. We do also build on-site when necessary. 

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Timber Framed vs. Stick Built – What sets us apart

Not only are our buildings aesthetically pleasing on the outside but we have created an interior look using a timber framing system that allows for a finished interior using Douglas Fir beams. You can exclude all the mess of plastering, sanding, painting…the interior finished product is stunning!

For those who want a traditional build (stick frame), not to worry, we’ve got you covered! If you do not have a need for a pleasing interior and want to utilize your building for storage or general shed-barn reasons, The Great Barns Company, although specializing in Timber Frame will build your project the conventional way. 

We can accommodate your every need!

Want an insulated building? Need space in one of your “GREAT BARNS” for an office, studio, gym, billiards room, or “hang out” room”? Using SIP Panels on your beautiful timber-framed barn creates insulation and warmth to this space. SIPS are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and can be fabricated to fit nearly any building design. These panels are placed over the outside sheathing and do not interfere with the aesthetics of interior framing. The result is your timber framed barn with insulation!

Built in Shop ~ craned on site


Wellfleet Project

Posted by The GREAT BARNS Company on Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The benefits of our Quick-Frame Building System are numerous. Whereas, the major structural components are laid out, cut and prefabricated at our shop. Delivered to you by our state-of-the-art crane truck, the components are quickly assembled to bring your building to life on site!